Ghost Hunting Night

in the Medieval Torture Museum

Night tour in the museum

120 minutes

Special ghost hunting equipment

Try to find all ghosts

Not recommended under 18

«Night in the Museum – Ghost Hunting Experience» – spend the night exploring the haunted halls of a torture museum using our top-of-the-line device for detecting paranormal activity. Don’t miss out on the chance to uncover the mysteries of the afterlife and connect with spirits like never before


The ghost of John Dragfoot

John Sage got his nickname Dragfoot from an injury received during the war. Sage became the chief executioner of Chillingham Castle in the North of England. He was known as an extremely brutal person and felt sincere pleasure in his work. He preferred to carry out the cruelest of executions personally. He even invented several new ones. Legend has it that during those three years he served as the castle executioner, he tortured over seven thousand people to death. Despite his harsh temper John had success with women and sometimes led his girlfriends on excursions to the torture chamber. One day, while having fun with one of his lovers on a torture rack, Dragfoot strangled her with a leather strap during the height of passion and accidentally killed her. The father of the deceased girl was an influential military leader. He threatened to mount an allied attack and destroy Chillingham Castle if refused Dragfoot wasn’t put to death. The threat worked, the executioner was captured and hanged in the courtyard of the castle. Excited by the spectacle of audience took knives and cut bits of John’s skin off while he was still alive to keep as souvenirs. After his death, the spirit of Dragfoot could not find rest. His ghost still wanders the dungeons of the castle, rattling the torture instruments and howling hoarsely. He often appears near the torture rack, pulling the straps, trying in vain to save his beloved from strangulation and himself from execution for her murder.

You can participate with either a private team or meet new friends hunting ghosts with other visitors to the “Ghost Hunting Experience”. The 5000-square-foot torture museum is full of ghosts.

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Night in the Museum - Ghost Hunting Experience

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We are the largest interactive historical museum in the U.S., occupying more than 6,000 square feet, with over 100 unique implements and devices on display. Enter the minds of fanatics, madmen, and murderers, and discover the world’s most detailed collection of confinement and torture devices. We believe that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it, and have amassed an unprecedented collection of cruelty, based on historical documents and engravings, offering a chilling look into the darkest parts of human history. 

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